The Blossom and The Fly

Flat light. Gusty wind. An April wood mostly devoid of signs of spring. That I was bushwhacking at all in search of something to shoot is a testament to my stubbornness after backpacking in a load of camera weight – only to toss it unused in a pile of last year’s leaves.

I set up in front of the only color around, a sprout of pink no bigger than the pupil of an eye, and waited for a lull in the wind, hoping for a shaft of light. Aside from a pair of resident swans on a lake screaming with frog call, the forest showed few signs of life. It is the blessing and the curse of this time of year – no ticks, no mosquitoes – no fascinating insects yet to inspect.

I was about to abandon the effort entirely when, through the viewfinder of my macro lens, a solitary fly landed on a twig not far from the sprout of pink. And so, out of obligation to the life that graced me with its presence, I went ahead and completed the landscape, which is my first attempt at combining foreground detail elements with background landscape elements. The technique needs improvement in hindsight, but the fly could not have perched on a more perfect pedestal.

All visual effects created in camera. Photoshop used for stitching and blending only. Image size 38″ x 25″. Photographed on April 24, 2022.