Painted Landscape

Landscapes are vast. Photographs of landscapes are tiny by comparison. The most complex images I create narrow that size discrepancy. Each image may combine hundreds of stitched photographs, designed to be printed big without interpolation.

My purpose in creating these images, however, has nothing to do with size; it has to do with time. At first blush, a landscape appears as color and contrast in familiar form. Sit down with a landscape and nuance emerges. Spend days with it, particularly in solitude, and a landscape envelops you. Sunlight becomes starlight becomes moonlight and wind becomes rain becomes silence, and in each setting the landscape appears differently, affecting thoughts and emotions. These images are interpretations of the many realities of changing landscapes over time. Each image blends several layers of intentional camera movement in its many forms. All visual effects are created in camera.

In each of these landscapes and in each of these images I’ve been engrossed in the technique of extracting brushstroke-like photographs from the canvas before me. And whether a landscape spans an entire horizon or fits snugly in the center of a sago palm makes no difference to the joy of getting lost within it.