Belle Isle Revealed


DESCRIPTION: Nestled in the Detroit River, Belle Isle is the city’s largest public park. Roughly 1 million visitors a year use the island for recreation, but few people explore its natural side. Filmed over the course of a year, Belle Isle Revealed tells the story of this island’s important ecological role in the heart of the Great Lakes waterway. From old-growth forests to remnant prairies, from shallow wetlands to rocky river-banks, Belle Isle hosts a surprising diversity of wildlife.

PRODUCTION: For me, this film represents that moment in time when the act of cinematography became as enjoyable as the act of photography. The year was 2009 and DSLR video had recently exploded onto the market. Gone were the days of interlaced footage. Gone were the days of video f-stop not mattering. For the first time in history, we photojournalists could put our breadth of lenses to their full potential with moving images. Belle Isle Revealed is my attempt to learn, test and push the limits of this new technology in a setting that for me, never gets boring – the outdoors.

SINCE PUBLICATION: Belle Isle Revealed was nominated for a national Emmy Award in the craft category of Nature / Wildlife Cinematography.