A Marine Family

The Shattucks were recently married when Al left for Iraq in 2006; Erin was expecting. In the fog of war – joining countless ranks of others – a family was born.

Three years passed.

The Shattuck family grew, their lives changed, and the familiarity of country life established itself. In their new house dolls and dogs became familiar sights. Military mementos were hard to come by, yet military service was always a reality.

As middle east wars continue, the 1/24 Marine Reserves may be called into action again. Al Shattuck may yet go to Afghanistan, this time leaving behind his first born son.

Video produced for The Detroit Free Press by Brian Kaufman. Additional video footage by David Gilkey and Stephen McGee. Narration by Joe Swickard.

This video is a follow up to Band of Brothers, a national Emmy award winning series by the Detroit Free Press.